Varsity Lincoln Promise Program


The team at Varsity Lincoln understands that these are challenging times for our entire community. So with the help of Lincoln, we have responded with an unprecedented and complimentary buyback program. So we're proud to introduce the Lincoln Promise, a complimentary vehicle return program available to any customer who purchases a used or Certified Preowned vehicle through Lincoln Automotive Financial Services from now through September 30, 2020.


Lincoln Promise is designed to remove the burden and worry on all customers who buy a Lincoln with a convenient and hassle-free program that offers you and your family peace of mind. Its part of Varsity Lincoln's commitment to you and your family that we provide you with a luxurious and unmatched buying experience before, during and after your take ownership of your vehicle.

Eligibility: June 26, 2020 - September 30, 2020


Program Details: Designed with our customers in mind, the Lincoln Automotive Financial Services Complimentary Vehicle Return program (also known as the Lincoln Promise) allows Lincoln customers who have been involuntarily laid off or are forced to enter self-employed bankruptcy to return their purchased or leased vehicle. Those that qualify will be able to waive up to $15,000 of debt to Lincoln Automotive Financial Services, relieving them of a significant, short-term financial burden.


Eligible Vehicles:   Any Used or Certified Preowned Vehicle, subject to Lincoln Automotive Financial Services eligibility.   Vehicles will be eligible when purchased between June 26th - September 30th 2020.  The buyback of up to $15,000 of debt will be available for purchasers of Certified-Pre Owned or used vehicles during the same time period, subject to Lincoln Automotive Financial Services eligibility.


Customer will qualify if: In the event of involuntary job loss of the primary buyer/lessee named in the purchase contract, customers are welcomed to return their vehicle as long as they receive or qualify for state unemployment benefits. In the event of self-employed personal bankruptcy of the primary buyer/lessee, our customers can return the vehicle if they have started a bankruptcy petition or have had a bankruptcy petition filed against them, and they were self-employed up until the time of the filing.


Varsity Lincoln understands that nothing is more important than family, health and safety, your personal finances and perhaps most of all, your financial freedom. Our team members, like you, realize the last thing you need to worry about is being tied to a car payment during a time when your personal income may have decreased for reasons outside of your control. 


With the Lincoln Promise, you'll be able to return your vehicle directly to Varsity Lincoln; and as always we'll be here to help you again when your financial picture improves in the near-term. This process has been developed to be as easy and streamlined as possible.


During times of uncertainty, friends, neighbors, co-workers and local businesses need to come together for a common goal. Our team of employees is part of your community as well and we believe that this Promise is a small but necessary step to helping all of us get back on our collective feet as quickly as possible.


Please contact us for any questions at 248-305-5300