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How to Safely Jump Start Another Car with Jumper Cables

Here's all you're going to need to jump-start another vehicle safely. Once the cars are facing each other, turn off the engine and be certain the car lights are off. Put on your safety glasses and work gloves, use a wire brush to clean off the battery terminals if they show any signs of corrosion.

You'll need quality jumper cables, unroll them and separate red from black cables. The red is positive; they go to the positive ends of the battery, good battery first then on the car to be jumped. Black jumper cable goes to negative on the good battery, and the other end attaches to a metal surface on the car to be jumped. Start the engine, keep it running two minutes, then try to start the other car. It might take three tries, so be patient.

Bring your vehicle to our staff at Varsity Lincoln and we can test the battery strength, so you are not in need of a jump-start again when stranded.



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