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Breaking Down Your Car's Tire Sizing

If you take a close look at the sides of your vehicle's tires, you'll notice several markings that represent important performance parameters. Sedans, crossover SUVs, hatchbacks, and coupes have the P markings that indicate the passenger class. You'll also see the width of the tire tread as measured between two points in the sidewalls. Sports cars and pickup trucks typically have wide tires that are optimized for optimum traction on smooth roads.

Another important specification is the Load Index, which refers to the largest weight that a single tire can support. Multiplying that number by four gives you a good estimate of the carrying capacity of your car. The W on a tire defines the speed rating, which is usually between 100 and 150 for most passenger automobiles.

Come to Varsity Lincoln to learn more about the technical specifications of automotive tires from some of the top brands.

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