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Five Ways to Remove Smells from Your Lincoln Vehicle

With all the people and items that come in and out of our vehicles every day, it's no surprise that sometimes a bad smell arises; maybe it was some milk, maybe it was a wet dog, maybe it was a leaking coffee cup, but whatever it was isn't good. So, to help you all out as much as possible, we have five simple smell-removing methods below, so take a look and maybe remove that scent for good!

  • Use a vacuum to remove loose food scraps and more from your seats and surfaces
  • Sprinkling a bit of baking soda on your seats and surfaced to absorb a stubborn smell
  • Like baking soda, a piece of charcoal will absorb smells overnight. Be sure to put it on a surface that won't stain
  • A natural air freshener, such as vanilla or coffee grounds, can be used to fill the car with a new, more pleasant smell
  • Does your vehicle smell like gasoline? You may have a leak and need to schedule a service center appointment with us for your safety and we'll get the issue resolved as quickly as possible.
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