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Know Your Tires

Car tires come in different shapes and sizes designed for specific purposes. They range from mud-grips for off-road riding to all-purpose tires. If you're thinking of changing tires, you may want to choose carefully because not all tires are considerable for your car.

Summer Tires

These tires perform exceptionally well in both hot and wet weathers. Concerning wetness, the tires do well in light rains but not downpours. Their treads are designed with orbital grooves and detailed pattern.

Winter Tires

They are also known as snow tires. They are articulately manufactured with sleets embedment, not many tires have the traction to handle heavy snow. The tires are built in such a way that it provides grips and control to ensure the car has superior braking ability while being driven on the road.

All-season tires

The tires can handle both wet and dry weather. It can handle light snow although the tires cannot function under heavy snow.

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